Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Let's Go to Houston!

This year we have plans with the children and grandchildren on Saturday to do some Trick or Treating.  That means going to Houston would require either a date change or a time change. 

I am not willing to drive five hours just to cut down on the amount of time I have for viewing the quilts.  That leaves a date change. 

Since Sundays are for mass and resting, we've decided to go on a different day of the week.  Friday is out because I need to be at school.  Thursday it is, then! 

I'm like a little kid waiting to go to Disney World, I'm so excited!  

 Richard has a bad cold, so I may have to drive part of the way, but I don't even mind the idea of driving.  It means seeing some beautiful quilts like the ones in these pictures from 2013 and 2012.

So who can blame me for the excitement?  Or for missing a day of school?  Or for wanting to spend every moment of my day in the George R. Brown Convention Center?

Will you join me?  I truly hope you get to come, but if not, I promise to take tons of pictures.  And I promise to do the best I can to get some fairly decent ones.   (As long as I don't have to be rude to anyone.)  And I promise to post lots and lots of them next week.  So come back and join me, will you?

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