Saturday, October 4, 2014

Oops, sorry Sparky!

I have a bit of good news on the studio front.  The iron suddenly popped very loudly and spit out sparks like a lightening bolt. Scared the devil out of me!  I managed to unplug it before thinking about how scared I was.  It's the only way, for me at least: Hurry, do what has to be done before the fear takes over.  

So the old iron went posthaste into the garbage.  A few days later (or maybe it's been weeks) I needed an iron.  A quick trip to the local dollar store and guess what I found.  The same iron!  At the same price!  

Oh, until it scared me beyond belief, I loved the iron.  It was faithfully hot for me for years.  So I replaced it with itself, or something like that.  

On a side note: I do not put water into my iron.  Instead I keep a spray bottle on the ironing board and spritz as I need.  This way even my cheap ($6.95) little iron doesn't drizzle icky water on my fabrics or clothing, but I do have access to spray.  Richard is certain that Sparky had a short in the wire.  That is entirely possible considering the number of times I've dropped it, tangled the wire, and ripped the plug out of the wall.  (I don't like touching a plug: it's too close to the electricity.)  I'll try to be kinder to this one. 

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