Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Modern Monday

Make that Tuesday!  I need to get my act together, but there's good news in the mess.  I've caught up with the Louisiana Traveling Quilt(s) for the North East Modern Quilt Guild.  Yay!

Now, there's no picture of the box, so I can't prove it, but Richard promises it found a way to the post office.  Regardless, it's out and I have photos of a cute little turtle to serve as my addition.

That's my little guy in the lower right corner.  He's had a rough life, but he's happy to have found new friends: the alligator and the crawfish.  The owl's job is to watch over everyone.    

Although I've loved all the tops, this one may be my favorite so far. But I think I've said that for all of them.       

But how could I not love this one?  It's chock-full of Louisiana!  

And so cute to boot!  

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