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Sunday Quilt Inspiration: E P H E M E R A

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Ephemera (singular: ephemeron) -any transitory printed matter not meant to be preserved or retained over time; things that exist or are used or enjoyed for a short period of time.

For the Launch Zone Template Challenge  Captivated Visions  Believe in Beautiful

I like to think of ephemera as short-lived art.  Generally, it's made of paper or vintage items that have found a new life for a little while.  Vintage postcards, photographs, maps, books, and so on make great pieces for ephemera art pieces which can serve as wonderful ways to get the creative juices flowing and inspire artists of all mediums.  

life goes on…

Although the two pieces below don't credit the maker, it's fairly clear that the same person was working through an idea.  That's one of the wonderful ways to use ephemera.  Since the cost is practically nothing if you use items you have on hand, you can work on a series of ideas to get a clearer understanding of what is in your creative mind.   

Captivated Visions  Create, Captivate, and Inspire Signature Collection

"INSPIRE" from the gallery at Real Life Scrapped For the second Creative Challenge on Rachel's blog Made with  Create, Captivate & INSPIRE: Signature Collection by Captivated Visions at Scrapbook Graphics

Some ideas to work through may include what you want to do, which colors work well for your plan, how to arrange your composition, and so on. 

Scrap Butik

The Dies Have It: Special Moments

art and life: BLOOMS

Sweet Heart Mixed Media by Kaori Fujimoto using Madeleine Collection

Collecting or pinning a variety of ephemera photos can also tell you something about your creative self.  Just a quick look at the photos I've posted above, can tell you that I'm a romantic at heart.  I can't seem to resist flowers, pearls, lace, ribbon.  I love old books.  I especially love words.  

Prima September class - Limor

Your Journey Begins Now...8 x 10 print...from original mixed media painting and collage Blue Flower

One of the things that I like about ephemera is that its affords an opportunity to work in mixed media.  Anything goes!  And everything wants to play.  Granted, not everything plays well with everything else, but that's just an opportunity to start a new page.

Happy place - birgit koopsen - tag with spirograph flowers

Oh yes, this piece reminded me that you don't have to make a big piece.  Just a little card will do, but feel free to start (or end) with a poster-size piece.  Remember, there are no rules.

Scrap, Travel, and Bark!: It's Raining Cats and Dogs!

And finally, you don't have to frame, show, or share your work.  I sometimes put together a small piece in my art journal.  In fact, I don't usually "finish" my pieces.  I should, I suppose, but mostly I use it as an opportunity to think through a process, test colors, or sketch and color for play.  I start a piece, figure something out, and begin working right away.  The ephemera gets abandoned, but it's okay since you can use it in whatever way works for you.  

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this she art girl by Junelle Jacobson!!!!!!!

ephemeral inspriation

Wow this is something different!

Altered Altoid box by loocie, via Flickr Witch Wiccan Pagan Craft inspiration

love. wonder if I could do something like this myself?    ...BTW,Check this out:

Assemblog of Michael deMeng: Michael the Archangel

Russian Doll by ~bjesomarka on deviantART

Thankful - Mixed Media Art Original - love the colours

Cracked burlap book sample

Mixed Media Art "Sticks" - Bridget Hoff  Witch witchy craft inspiration pagan wiccan

stephanie lee

Stephanie Ledoux, newspaper girl

What A Wonderful World - Canvas Art Vintage Sheet Music Lyrics - Louis Armstrong. $39.00, via Etsy.

And to help you get started with paper ephemera, here's a photo of a terms with actual pieces to show you how to create them.

Paper sculpture techniques

I hope you try some of these techniques.  You'll find that it's quick, easy, fun, and rewarding.  Or at least I hope you do!

Happy Quilting and Crafting 

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