Friday, October 3, 2014

Oh my poor studio!

Just stuff!  Boxed and stored right in front of my worktable.
Have you been wondering why I've not been posting much in the way of sewing and quilting?  It's been rough, actually, because I've been living with the new renovations and have not had a studio to retreat to.  Oh, the pain.

More stuff!  This time in front of the desk.
However, the renovation part has died.  My three-quarter husband (so called because he tends to complete only three-fourths of a job) seems to have run out of steam. Right on time.  We have about a fourth of the job left to live with.  Oh, I'll mount an offensive, but first, I have to wait.  I'm not sure what I'm waiting for, but 36 years of marriage has taught me that I can't move him again for a while.

The old fixtures removed from the house and dumped into the studio.

I can, however, mount a defensive approach--meaning I can defend my own space.  I've been to the studio and gathered evidence. These photos prove all. There's is no disputing the fact that my space is under attack, and I intend to defend it strategically: using guilt and exactly enough whine, I will get this "junk" out of the studio!  Most of it belongs in the kitchen, but I don't care if he throws it in the trash, so long as he gets it out of the studio.  He won't.  Throw it in the trash, I mean--he'll haul it in, clean it up and put it away.  

Our mattresses from the spare bedroom, used for several
 nights when we couldn't sleep in the house, but now
stored in the studio because we can't get into the
bedroom to put them away.
Ah, life with a husband.  The love card is a no-go....we have been married 36 years.  There's no doubt in my mind that he loves me, but there's also the reality that saying "You'd do it if you loved me" will not work.  He won't be bullied, nagged, or loved into something.  Nope, the only thing that works is proof and whining.  Oh well, whine it shall be.  I aim to get this done, and soon.

Boxes of filled jars meant to hold the gate so the puppies have a place to hang out.

The church pew from the living room stored in the studio
 and used to stack even more stuff.
Suggestions?  How do you handle a husband?  Rephrase that: how do you handle YOUR husband?  

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Kaja said...

I just have to get on and do it myself - would be quite happy if whining worked!