Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My Pretties!

{said in my best witch voice}

I ordered new fabrics [cause, you know, I NEEDED new fabrics] from Sew Fresh Fabrics, which is closing its online store.  They have a 30% off sale to finish out the last of their pieces and now those pieces much be purchased in 1/2 cuts.  

There are no minimums and, as you can see from the flyer, fabrics are cut in chronological order as received.  I love, Love, LOVE my new fabrics!

So much so that I couldn't wait for my phone to recharge and took pictures by placing the fabrics on the floor and holding the computer as directed by darling hubs to get a snap.  

It weren't easy!  

But we made it work, and the pictures are no worse than when I normally take them!  

I did, however, have to crop out my feet.  Rich laughed at every attempt.  I think he had me squatting, shifting, and twisting just to see whether I would (or could) follow.  It was just a little too much like playing Twister!

And almost as fun!  Happy Quilting!

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Kaja said...

You have chosen some lovely colours!