Thursday, October 9, 2014

Pin It Weekly #86

Happy Wednesday Thursday!  I'm still struggling.  I've written about how Common Core is kicking my hiney.  Well, I've since added two big sets of essays to my work load.  And the nine weeks ends tomorrow.  And there are other papers waiting in my work bag. And I need to prepare for the next unit.  And I've been in a workshop the entire week.  And Saturday I have to go to more training!  
3rd Grade Language Arts Word Wall- Common Core Vocabulary $

Within, Beyond, About: 20 Reflective Questions To Help Students Respond To Common Core Texts

Common Core Writing "PEEL" Anchor Chart - Tracee Orman -
Who doesn't love a great bookmark?
COMMON CORE BOOKMARKS!  After attending extensive Common Core training, I developed these bookmarks as reminders for my own students about what to focus on while reading. The new Common Core Standards will require students to analyze what they read and defend their ideas with evidence from the text.
Okay, enough are some beautiful wrought iron pieces.
Wrought iron roses

Wrought Iron Fence

wrought iron fence

Wrought Iron

And some other architectural details:
Beautiful corbel detail in Siena

Barcelona - Roger de Llúriadetail - 18th Century Italian Pier Mirror

Sicily, Italy

Baroque carvings in icy blue and cream #architectural


Casa Vídua Marfà. Architect: Manuel Comas i Thos. Barcelona - Pg. de Gràcia

And just some things I found to love




Crystal Prisms


Cubby space for collection - display

Love for towel holder

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