Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Crazy Redbird Visitor

While eating lunch and taking a break from my current project of making some scrap baskets for the studio, I can hear the regular tapping of this crazy redbird.  He's actually very pretty, just not very smart.  When I've mentioned his tapping on the windows, people have said that he's attacking his reflection, but I don't think that's the issue since I can't see my own reflection in all of the windows.  

He rotates from window to window.  So far I've seen him doing this in two windows in the house and in three windows in the studio.  It doesn't matter whether the curtains are open or closed.  Plus, I can get fairly close to the window while the tapping is happening.  Note that there's a Christmas tree on the window seat.  Yes, the crazy bird has been doing this for at least two months.  Honestly, when I took the video it had been going on for some time already.  

I think he's just insane.  Really there's no sense in this activity.  It happens every day, early morning, around noon and later in the afternoon.  This "tapping" is actually quite loud: we hear it in any area of the house.  Yet, the puppies do not fuss about the noise--though they yap at every opportunity.  They ignore him as though he's part of the family.  In fact, they yap at me much more than at the bird! Where's the sense in that?

So far nothing is working to discourage him.  I'm open to suggestions with one exception.   Years ago, I hung a cheap aluminum pie plate near a window to discourage a bird and it worked.  Imagine a pie plate fluttering in the wind at every window!  No, the tapping is not that annoying.  Yet!


Karen S said...

Yes, crazy is the best description! No idea why this would happen! Maybe he just wants to come in where it is warm.

rory said...

Why don't you just open the window and let him in? At least then you could see where he goes and figure out what he might be after. The second option is to get a cheap window and hang a tree away from the house to see if he hits that one. It looks like he is trying to land on the grid part of the window, so I don't buy the reflection theory.

rory said...
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jenclair said...

My gosh, that it both strange and curious. I can't imagine what would prompt that behavior several times a day!