Saturday, March 28, 2015

Bee Great Quilt Bee

I've made it!  Well, I made the block; I haven't made the deadline.  I started early enough....last week. But I sort of puttered out as soon as I chose the fabrics.  

During the week I got going again.  But that didn't last.  After sewing only a few pieces together, I came in for a drink and puff!  Nothing else happened.

I'm blaming school.  Which I have every right to blame.  After all, they worked me "half to death" as we say in the South.  

So today I forced myself to march in there and work!  I enjoyed every moment and love the blocks.  I even have an idea for using some of my own but maybe in one colorway. 

Regardless, these are done and ready to mail on Monday morning.

Which means that I had time to work on another quilt. 

More on that one Monday...


jenclair said...

Why is it hard to get started when we love the time spent on a project?

Kaja said...

Well done on getting these finished. Don't know why but I always seem to leave bee blocks until the last moment too.