Monday, March 16, 2015

Modern Monday: Organization Bins

We (Richard and I) have been cleaning in the studio, which means I can no longer put off some of the chores that I really don't care to do.  I said here that Richard tends to push and drive his workers...yes, I was HIS worker.  He was just helping me.  In the end the studio looks much, much better. 

That encouraged me to do a bit more, so today I did more sorting. This time I sorted scraps because--ta-da!--I have the necessary tools.  

I know, I know that's silly, but really it helps to have the right tools. I'll let you figure out where the scraps belong. 

I made these last weekend.  They were fun and easy to make because I built them starting with just one piece, like a quilt top.

The most fun was quilting in the different designs.  I enjoyed coming up with the plan, also.  I like the challenge of figuring out an easy way to do something.  Some times I'm successful, other times, ahn, not as much.

Of course there's the designing part, too. I wanted these to be alike but different.  I think I may have succeeded. 

Who's with me?  Want a few more directions on how to make these?  Note, I didn't do a great job of finishing them because they aren't going to take much of a beating.  After all, they sit on a shelf just looking pretty and holding scraps.


Karen S said...

What a great way to stare your scraps! And pretty, to boot!

jenclair said...

They are beautiful! I love that you quilted each one differently. Please do give more instruction, Mary!

Kleines Faedchen said...

Wirklich sehr schön. Das muss ich unbedingt mal versuchen.
Liebe Grüße Jacqueline