Monday, March 30, 2015

"Math Is an Expletive"

One of my sisters is a math teacher.  I'm an English teacher.   Rich and our three boys are mechanically inclined.  A couple of nieces and nephews happen to also be teachers.  Our family, it appears, tends to exist in one of two camps: English or math.  (never both)

I often ask for help with the simplest of math.  Lee has called for writing help on a few occasions.  

Last weekend I considered calling in the math troops.  I'd started a new quilt in an attempt to use some blue scraps--there are SO many. One thing led to another and I eventually found myself playing with some odd shapes: triangles!  

I rarely work with these because they need some knowledge of angles. I know Shakespeare. But Shakespeare didn't help.  Trying to figure out the angles using math was of no use since I don't know the formulas, and I probably can't work the problem if I did.  

A few words flew.  Not nice words.  Shakespearean insults. Perhaps a few epic curses.  And suddenly the quilt had a name, "Math Is an Expletive."         Needle and Thread Thursday
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Kaja said...

As a historian I can totally sympathise with you on this - but what a brilliant name for a quilt.

Preeti Harris said...

Math is a 4-lettered word. Love the quilt and the general concept of simple lines and modern look. Would love to see more pictures, close-ups if possible.
Sew Preeti Quilts

Jayne said...

Math makes me glaze over! I love what you did and in the worked!

jenclair said...

Funny, I was thinking about those people who so easily do all the math required for some complicated quilts the other day. Like you, I prefer Shakespeare, but I love both the look and the title of this quilt!

Mary Marcotte said...

Preeti, I agree, but "Math Is a Curse"? I don't think my sis would like that title as much. :-) I hope to figure out the camera issues soon. By the time I get the quilt finished would be nice.

Jayne, I don't necessarily glaze over so much as cry!

Kaja, a historian! I had no idea you were anything but a fabulous quilter.

Thanks, Jenclair. And the same to all of my sweet friends for your comments. I think I've made the rounds and visited everyone.