Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Sun and Sky

In gratitude for the beautiful, sunny days we've had (despite the ice storm), I thought I'd share some gorgeous photos of sunrises and sunsets and let those be inspiration for the week.  Prepare for some miracles in the sky!
Looks like off our old bulkhead :)  Beautiful and sad all at the same time.

maui, hawaii ... Uploaded with Pinterest Android app. Get it here:

Sunset in Hawaii

Know how to tell whether the photo is of a sunset or a sunrise?  It's actually relatively easy: look at the sky around the sun.  If the sky is mostly blue, you're looking a sunrise; if it is mostly in other colors
--reds, purples, oranges, pinks--then you're looking at a sunset.  

Sunrise at sea • Jason Politte Fine Art Photography

This is because when the sun rises the sky are relatively clear...the pollution has cleared overnight.  By the time the sun sets, the skies are polluted and hazy from dust and dirt, and this causes the light rays to refract.  At both times of day sunlight has to travel a longer path to get to us. 

Gorgeous colors.

All of those conditions affect how we see the light. The sky doesn't actually change, what changes is how we see it.  Which, of course, implies that when you look at a sunset say 500 miles away from me, we see the same sunset but the colors can be different depending on the conditions.

Sunrise in Wisconsin • photo: Phil Koch on Fine Art America DANNNNG , @Melissa Wiesner  when do I get to visit with you?

Chasing the sunset

Of course, clouds come in to play with the sun.  They can change everything about our view of sunrise and, especially, sunset.

I love Nature Photography, It is for me like painting being a not good drawer that's my way to express my sensations.

Actually, it's just off Key Largo at Sunset. This is where I am... in my brain.

Sunrise in Florida - © by Paul Bates #sunrises

With such beauty always available to us, humans are surely to be inspired to create art based on the beauty create by our view of the sun. Here is a sampling of the quilts I found on Pinterest in only a few moments. 

5th Main Quiltfestival in Aschaffenburg - I love how the quilting is what is actually creating the scene here

Beautiful Table runner from The Quilting Board easter sunrise

Sunrise, Sunset - Melody Randol - GREAT {visual aid} for hooking a gorgeous Sunset with reflective light & color!

Kathy Thaden - Home   (beautiful example --- would look great with a light behind it!)

Sara Kelly Art Quilts: Grand Canyon Sunrise 26"w x 39" h

Tokyo #Quilt Festival - gorgeous!

Quilt Story: Fabric Tuesday, you guys are AWESOME!

Landscape quilt....Donna Rasmussen, I believe.  She brought this and many others to our CVQG meeting.  It's beautiful!

Another piece of art based on the rays of the sun.  I'm not certain, but I think it's polymer clay.
Love the embossed rays!  can use this for may things! Let your Light so shine before man, and Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam!

Here's hoping you see many beautiful sunrises and sunsets this week.

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Kaja said...

Such beautiful colours (in the photos and quilts). Sometimes it's hard to believe they are real, though I know they are.