Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: M A P S

Old maps are slowly becoming extinct.  We have GPS on just about any phone now, and Google maps makes finding our way so easy there's no thinking involved.  The result is that we don't need paper maps.  So except for their historical value (priceless) there isn't much need for an old map.  

Unless you craft.  Crafters are digging old maps up and turning them into all manner of items from jewelry to frames to home decor.  I thought you'd appreciate a few... 


Map Bunting

10 Ways to Upcycle Maps

Map Table top


Wall map

Maps Art  Personalized Monogram Map Letter  by SecretRoomHomestyle, $28.50

map covered storage boxes - you just can't go wrong with map paper anything!

Paper Beads from Upcycled Maps in Green Bracelet by UpcycledStuff, $29.00

These luggage tags are created from upcycled products and are sold on Etsy by "Marmalime".

Bet I could make this too :)

Bangles made from upcycled maps.

cute little buckets decoupaged with recycled maps

And there are, of course, a few map quilts out in the world of Pinterest.  
Rainbow map quilt from Crazy Old Ladies Quilts.  Very representative of America itself...scrappy & beautiful!

Quilt a city map! (This one's Boston). Cashmerette

I'm dying from the cute! This is going on the "must make" list! Shwin&Shwin: World Map Quilt || Home Sewn Series

Leah Evans, beautiful map quilts

Amazing quilts by Ian Hundley Studio that look like fields when viewed from the air are out-of-this-world, so unique and completely irresistible.

Now if only I was talented and could make these!! Perfect thing to take to a restaurant!!!

Art Quilt Map.They seem to be an emerging trend especially with people who would not normally be interested in quilting.

modern improv quilt that is spectacular

Old Jeans, New Quilt (from The Domina)

close up,  "The Inner Map" by Terry Grant.  Twelve By Twelve group.

3/29/2015  Edited to add this quilt....I just had to!
The History of America byCamille Nixdorf Phelan (Oklahoma, 1882-1946)


Kaja said...

I love maps and still prefer them as a way of getting around (though I do look at them online). I've spent too long in cars that clearly don't know where they're going, while the driver blindly does what a silly machine tells him!

jenclair said...

So many great ideas! That final bird is so gorgeous. Where did you find that pic? Did the quilter make her own fabric?

Mary Marcotte said...

Jenclair, it's a close up of "The Inner Map" by Terry Grant posted on the Twelve By Twelve group.