Saturday, March 14, 2015

Reclaiming the studio

For some time now we've been putting "stuff" in the studio.  It was innocent enough: a box, a bag, some things from mom and dad's house, extra school supplies and so on.  

Understand now, I fight this idea of using my studio for storage when the "stuff" is big.  A couple of boxes?  No!  A big pile of tools? Absolutely not!  Four trash bags left from a party...well, okay, but they better be out on Monday.  

One box or bag, though, and I relent.  One box doesn't take much space.  A bag tucked into a corner isn't much of a problem.  But after a year or two, those small things begin to add up.  They grow and multiply and make babies and before you know it, there's no room to move. 

When I realized that I was struggling to get to the table with the Accuquilt cutter, I decided it was time to spring clean.  This morning Richard and I were discussing what we'd do today to spend time together and I inserted a suggestion that he help me to get his things out of the studio.  Hours later, we'd hauled out several bags of junk.  Richard doesn't do something half-way: he pushes and drives.  

He insisted that I go through every box that I wanted out of the studio and decide what I would do with each item.  I hate doing this kind of job.  I wanted him to just get the boxes out and then let me sew.  No way.  I emptied every box, sorted, organized and re-boxed everything that didn't go into the trash.  Interestingly, I threw out way more stuff this afternoon than this morning.  That's what happens when I'm tired.

Now I have a cleaner studio but I'm not done yet.  I have to clear out some surface space: the worktable, the desk, and the bookshelf all need Richard's driving force.  I have no plans to ask for his help, though, I'm too tired and dirty!

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Kaja said...

Where you put stuff, more stuff grows. That's the way it is in my life anyway. Well done for clearing, though Richard sounds way too thorough!