Monday, April 27, 2015

And a Quilt Finds a Home

A couple of years ago Richard and I went to a quilt show not far from home.  Our grandson Lane came along for the ride and followed Poppa around through the show.  They paid $5 each to come in and spent about five minutes looking at quilts.  It seemed like such a waste of money, until Lane won a charm pack of sweet fabrics.  

I turned that pack into a small quilt by adding some fabrics from my stash.  When it was finished, I offered the little quilt to Lane since I felt the fabric belonged to him.  Turns out that for all he was proud of winning, he wasn't so much into the flowers.

One of my better photos!  :-(
Today I offered the quilt to a friend whose mother just moved into the nursing home in the hopes that it would brighten her mom's room.  I think the flowers may be happy to have a home.

The back of the quilt showing how I quilted the whole quilt in feathers

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jenclair said...

Lane missed his chance--but better that the quilt go where it will be appreciated. I'm sure Lane will eventually get a quilt without flowers. :0