Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Fidget Quilt #2

After reading about Fidget Quilts that a bloggy friend has been making, I decided to make a few to donate to local nursing homes, beginning with the nursing home where my mom was a patient.  
Jenclair from Bayou Quilts and Dolls, has been making and writing about Fidget Quilts for a few weeks now and she has really inspired me.  My mom had Alzheimer's, and I feel a special need to pitch in and help others who are suffering from this horrible disease.

 This is the second quilt and it is a bit of a mess, I'll admit.  There is really no rhyme or reason to it.  I just threw fabric onto a small square of left overs from another project in which I'd made scrap fabric.  When it was almost large enough I remembered my idea of using fabric from an old washcloth that should have been tossed.

The washcloth fabric is both soft (because it's so worn) and rough (because it's a terry cloth) so the added texture and bulkiness will a pair of hands something different to fidget with.

Some loops along the edges and a piece of purple satin add even more dimension and texture.  And boom!  Another quilt ready to go.  

I do have one concern about all of my little quilts.  A friend had a Catholic bracelet, blessed by a priest, that broke.  I asked her for the bracelet so that I could stitch the individual beads to the quilt.  At our guild meeting a few days ago, someone mentioned that nursing homes would not take quilts with buttons and beads sewn on because they are too rough.  

I haven't called the nursing homes to ask, but I intend to do so.  In the meantime I'm wondering whether anyone else has had a problem or has been able to donate the quilts with buttons and other items sewn on.  Please leave a comment letting me know.  I'm not sewing anything else onto the quilts, just in case I'll need to cut them off, but I'd like some input.

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audrey said...

Such an interesting little quilt! Love it.:)

TheItinerantChemist said...

I hope they do take it; Alzheimer's is such a terrible, destructive disease and anything that could help alleviate some of the symptoms would be welcomed, I'm sure.

Maartje Quilt said...

Thanks for linking to the TGIFF. What kind of you to sew the quilts for people with Alzheimer. They will ove them with or without beads and buttons.
Love from Amsterdam.

jenclair said...

Thanks for the mention, Mary! Different nursing homes have different rules about attachments. I love the idea of using the beads that have been blessed! What got me started on these quilts was a friend whose mother had AD; I was going to let my friend choose which quilt she wanted, but her mother had a stroke and died before she had a chance to decide. Still, the idea of making one with a particular person in mind has a special effect.

I really like the ribbon loops you've included on yours and the texture of the wash cloth!