Thursday, April 9, 2015

Pin It Weekly #109

Having taken Marley to take her dance photos today, I've got ballet on my mind.  I am thrilled that two of the granddaughters have the opportunity to learn dance.  Both are interested and have had a couple of years' training at local dance companies. 

It's something I'd have loved to do as a child, but we simply could not afford such a luxury. So I tried to teach myself ballet by reading a library book and practicing on the front porch, a window sill for a barre.  

The Benefits of Ballet Lessons for Adults  This is it in a nutshell!

I was pretty good for a seven-year with no formal training.  I eventually became light enough on my feet that my parents quit fussing about the jumping around while they napped.  

by Daniel Waschnig. For more images check out

Eventually, my interests and reading turned to learning other skills: a girl can learn only so much from reading the one library book available, and a two week check-out time limits that.

Eloquent Ballerina Photography - The 'Unseen Beauty' by Dina Johnsen Takes Viewers Behind the Scenes (GALLERY)

Nevertheless, I still love ballet, my lost opportunity.  And the few times that I've had the chance to go to the ballet (whether local recital or world-renown production), I've watched enraptured by the beauty and grace of the dancers, the costumes, the stories they tell.

Artem Ovcharenko and Anna Nikulina (Photo: Irina Lepnyova)

Diana Vishneva and Vladimir Malakhov


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