Saturday, April 4, 2015

Math Is an Expletive

The work on "Math Is an Expletive" continues but is slow going.  It's difficult to get into the studio during the holidays.  Children and grandchildren coming and going, church commitments, dinner, an occasional movie with the best guy ever. Everything seems to get in the way.  It's not so, actually, but it feels so.  

Thursday I spent hours in the studio.  And managed to quilt almost half of the quilt in one day.  Friday I spent about an hour actually quilting.  

But it's always this way.  I make plans for things to do knowing that I likely won't get to most of them.  The idea of just being in the studio and not knowing which way to turn just doesn't sit well with me. It feels like such a waste of precious time.  So I over-plan. With too much of a plan.  And am usually disappointed.  Until I began thinking differently.

I'm over-planning with a purpose.  Doesn't that sound much better? When I do have a few minutes, I slip in and accomplish something.....anything!  When I am forced to deal with other things, I know that the plan can take a backseat for a while.  

It cuts down on the disappointment, the sense of wasted time, and the frustration.  To add to that, I somehow managed to get the phone synced with the computer and photos are uploading once more.  I could not tell you how that happened--perhaps I pressed the right buttons with my toes crossed and my hair in a ponytail--all that really matters is that we're back in business!  Expect more of my horrid photos soon.  

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