Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: H O R S E S

The inspiration....

Wild Horses. Makes me heart melt. Such amazing animals. Bless them! So sweet.

On Assateague island, large populations of beautiful, wild horses roam free. Maryland There are so many tributes to man-made things in Maryland; perhaps that very fact is what makes the Chincoteague ponies on Assateague Island the thing we love most in the state.

Wild Horse by Ken Archer

Norwegian Fjord Horses - Horse Photography

Andalusian Bay stallion named 'Romerito II' - from Yeguada Romerito's Andalusian Farm

Horse Photography - Draft horse.

Gypsy stallion named 'Timone of Lion King' - from Thorn Hill Gypsies

Chowtime - Horses - by Ninja Poodles

Watchful Mom - Horses - by Back Yard Shutterbug

Arabian horse - Arabian stallion

Wild Stallions of Oregon - by Dennis Kirkland

Ostfriese - Alt Oldenburger - Warmblood Horses - Horses

The quilts....

One Fine Day by Laurie Britt. 1st place Pictorial Quilt, 2014 NQA quilt show

Rodeo horse, close up, original quilt by Sue Garman

Wild Horse! Magnificent ! Notice that every square has a horse on it!  Wow!

Beautiful horse quilt..

Kathy McNeil's quilt, Jingle Bells, won the Director's Choice award at Road to California 2014.  How did so make the horses to realistic?

Horses Horse  Quilt Blocks    change colours, use photo of dreamy eyes, fast and easy

Horse Quilt- would love to make this for Ryan

Toni Whitney Designs Pattern, The Guardian, Horse Quilt, Quilting DIY

Would love to do this quilt. I have a specific person in mind!

Beautiful Horse Quilt

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Kaja said...

Some clever stuff here. My favourite is the last one.