Monday, April 20, 2015

Modern Monday: Erika's block

Remember that I've joined another quilt bee?  One in which each month we make a quilt block for the queen?  Well, this month Erika is the queen and this is her block.

I started out with these fabrics, but I added a few more once I began working on the block.  The light plaid and the darker blue both are cheaper fabrics that, once I opened them, decided could not go in. That meant I needed even more fabrics.

Since I've made quite a few Dresden plates, I thought I'd whip this up in no time.  One problem--Dresdens are round!  I remembered that after I'd cut out most of the pieces.  Oops!

So I cut a few more...bigger and longer this time,


 and stuck them in where the corners might need to be.

And there we have it! Corners and all! 

I like.  How about you?

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