Saturday, April 25, 2015

Fidget Quilt #4

As you can tell, if you've been reading about the fidget quilts that I've been making (#1 here, #2 here, and #3 here) I have been churning them out!  I've already begun working on four more and will bring a set of ten to the nursing home for their Alzheimer's patients.

I wanted to add lots of color to this one.  I started with two leftover bow tie blocks that were a bit dull, so I dug in my basket of shiny fabrics and found a shiny red sateen.  I intended to add the red borders to all four sides, but that made it too long.

I added a couple of pockets of beads on the edges and decided to add a little ruched flower to the center of one bow tie.  I still need to rip out the white thread.  I didn't trust my ruching skills since it's been a long time since I've used this technique.  I chose to sew the flower in white thread first because it's easier to see for picking out, which I knew I'd have to do.  I've already sewn the flower down in red, so all that's left is removing the white.

I played with the quilting.  I wanted to practice that flower in the upper right corner and then played with hearts that use little stitching lines between each heart.  As you can see, I have some more practicing to do.  

All in all, I'm okay with this little quilt.  I think there's enough texture for tactile discovery and the shiny red adds some visual dimension.   Have you been inspired to make a couple of these little fidget quilt?  

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Kaja said...

You are on a roll with these! I like seeing how you vary each one; you have some great ideas.

jenclair said...

Don't you know that red will brighten things up! You are giving me more ideas, Mary. :)