Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: l e a v e s

It's almost summertime here in Louisiana.  Based on the temperatures alone, we're already there. And as you can see of my screen capture from The Weather Channel, it's not getting any better.  The hot air and cold air meet and cause thunderstorms. 

Maple leaves after an autumn showerEverything is already saturated and soggy, so more rain is not something we want or need.  You'd think that would cool the place down, but instead, the sun comes out and everything is boiling hot (almost in the literal sense).

One good outcome of all this rain and heat is that we have a tropical clime which helps everything to grow.  Trees, shrubs, weeds, and grass are happily getting tall, stretching out and putting on a multitude of leaves.

So LEAVES it is this week!  Be inspired...
 This will be good for the Fall when we do leaf rubbings. We can now identify what we are rubbing. :-)

Free leaf vector images from Fuzzimo.comfzm-Leaf-Textures-02.jpg 550×2,290 pixels

Be artful...
Use air-dry clay and fallen leaves to make mini bowls that are perfect for jewelry, keys, and other knick-knacks.

Find a paper napkin with fall leaves or other fall motifs and decoupage them onto the stones. It is so easy and the result looks great. Light colored stones are perfect for this project, but you can also paint darker stones white if you like.

Do your kids have favorite leaves that they find in the fall? Turn them into clever art with a little glue and paint! DIY Painted Leaf Art for Kids

Free Sewing Pattern and Tutorial - Leaf Art Fabric Coasters

 But I can still tell you that every tree leaf was designed and colored (inks) on a book page.  On the contour of each page were glued small tree branches to form a frame.  The branches protruding from each side allow to hang the woolen strings that connect between them vertically frames.  Then each "band" frames is attached to another large branch that serves as support.

Charm Leaf (runner) Tutorial on By Anjeanette at

Applique Leaf Quilt Square - want to combine some leaves like these with the kites quilt (on my "Quilting" board), plus in the center of the quilt machine embroider a short poem about kites that I found online (will pin next).  Free-motion quilt with wind swirls.

Playful Petals by Corey Yoder, see Moda's blog The cutting table - fun simple fusible applique using precuts  @ModaFabrics

Love the color, design, and quilting of this, though I find the irregular shape of the quilt itself a bit distracting.

Love this quilt block.  Here is the website where the free block pattern can be found:

Beautiful Hawaiian Quilt   source: Hawaiian Quilt Studio Na-O-Hawaii

Pretty for Fall. Plum Tree Quilt Patterns - Falling Leaves Quilt Pattern

'Falling Leaves':  The raffle quilt for the Assiniboine Circle Quilter's quilt show (Sept. 2013) - quilted by Corina W. from Manitoba, Canada;  Each member received a kit to make a 10" maple leaf block, a friend appliqued the stems down, then Corina and another friend arranged them on her design wall (along with an additional 1500 or so 2 1/2" squares)

Another beautiful one by Sue Benner.

Hopscotch Leaves - I love this! I see something like this in my near future :~>

pretty wedding quilt idea, if you like applique.  You could get family members from both sides to sign a piece of paper... then embroider that signature on a leaf.

Piece N Quilt: Maple Leaf Quilt   My favorite quilT pattern EVER-one day I will make one

Winning quilt from the CABS/YLI Star thread challenge.

Split Leaf Quilt made by Ann Lewis

And from my own "trunk show" board a combination maple leaf, log cabin quilt.


Kaja said...

I love the wall hanging made from little strips of leaves, and the cheery red tree quilt made me smile today.

jenclair said...

All the beautiful leaves in this post! Sunday's high was 91--today it has warmed up to 59! Have the farmers been able to plant this spring? It doesn't have time to dry out before it rains again.