Wednesday, November 11, 2015

David Chauvin Louisiana artist

Louisiana. Photographer David Chauvin.

I recently discovered Louisiana photographer and artist David Chauvin.  Thank you, Pinterest.  It didn't take much research to find  his webpagehis FB page and Commerical Fine Art, another website on which he sells his art (well worth a look as it features about 20 fabulous artists.)

David Chauvin Commercial Fine Art Artist

From the About page on, "The word swamp has a negative connotation to many people who have not had the good fortune to witness first hand the subtle beauty to be found there. Not everyone will have the chance to paddle under a full moon among centuries old cypress trees or witness the grace of an egret’s spring time mating display. It is my goal to bring a hint of that ancient mystery to the viewer."

"Along The Shoreline" - David Chauvin Photography - Maurepas Swamp in it!:

Cypress Trees in autumn - Louisiana, USA (by David Chauvin). Cypress "knees" are part of their root systems that push up and form fantastical shapes.:

Additionally, David was recently included in a book, titled The Insightful Landscape, which includes photos from "professional photographers who strive to maintain the artistic integrity of landscape photography with a deep commitment to both the land and the photogrpahic medium."  

"Cypress In Fog" - David Chauvin Photography...gorgeous!

Glossy White-faced Ibis | Southern Louisiana | Photography David Chauvin:

Lake Fausse Point, Louisiana swamp cypress by David Chauvin:

I cannot possibly show all of the gorgeous photos that appear on either Pinterest or his personal website.  Do yourself a great favor and visit his page or take a look on Pinterest with a quick search of his name. 

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