Monday, November 16, 2015

sick? no, not much

Image result for sickI'm writing that with a touch of sarcasm, of course.  I thought I was sick when I wrote last, only three days ago.  It turns out that I wasn't as sick as I can get.  Cold, flu, pneumonia, or "the Louisiana crud," it really doesn't matter what we call it.  I definitely had something.  And that something was miserable.  

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Now I'm feeling only a little better, I've missed most of a week, and I have a lingering cough that can beat me down in about a minute and a half.  I guess I'm writing just to let folks know that I am still here and will climb back on the blogging horse eventually.  

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It's just not happening tonight because somewhere in my school bag is a big stack of papers.  At school are a passel of students clamoring for help and attention. And finally, in just a few short days there will be a scary, high-stakes test.  How nerve-racking is that? Enough to bring about a relapse.    I want my life back!

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