Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: AUTUMN

Fall has finally arrived, sort of.  It's much cooler--70+ instead of 90+ and, trust me on this, everyone is much happier.  The mosquitoes are horrid, thanks to all the rain we've gotten in the last few weeks. 

Even swatting mosquitoes while on duty is better than sweating on duty, especially since I have morning duty. Those mean little devilish blood suckers can make for a miserable time out-of-doors.  However, a crisp cold snap of about 50 degrees will slow them for a few days.  And freezing temps will eradicate them for a few months.  

I know many people think of autumn colors and warm and cozy (browns, maroons, earthy greens), but sometimes autumn can be really vibrant and bold.Oh, don't do a happy dance, we've fought them in the middle of winter before, but those times are rare and generally don't last long.

Since we are feeling like fall in the mornings, I thought a few pictures of pretty leaves might be in order.  After all, we'll soon be having huge family meals and celebrating Christmas.  We've got to stick autumn in somewhere, right?

These Pinterest photos are all supposed to have been taken in Louisiana and are on my "natural, trees" board.

"Fall Color" -- *Lake Fausse Point, Iberia Parish, Louisiana*  [Fall color comes late in the deep south. This bald cypress is almost at it's peak.]~[Photographer David Chauvin]'h4d'121013

Elegance by David Chauvin, via 500px; Atcahafalaya, Louisiana

Nat Geo 1974--love louisiana: its people, food, natural beauty.  where i'd live in the u.s. if i couldn't live in arkansas.

Kisatchie National Forest,Louisiana, USA:

Guide to Pecan Trees

Cypress Trees in autumn - Louisiana, USA (by David Chauvin). Cypress "knees" are part of their root systems that push up and form fantastical shapes.

Ginkgo Tree in the Fall in North Louisiana

Cypress Trees in New Orleans | Cypress trees in autumn colors, Bayou, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA ...:

And a few fall inspired quilts...
This unique quilt pattern would look amazing hanging in your living room or cottage.:

Yay! The stripes on the fabric are straight! I thought I was the only one who is meticulous about stripes.  :-)

Pretty little fall quilt.  This would make an awesome family quilt, by putting names on the leaves.

elsie's girl: Fall Back quilt -- OHOH!  Simply lovely and awakens the anticipation for autumn!

I am grinning from ear to ear over my fall quilt I just finished..

Have made this - super fast and easy!  If you know your half square triangles, you can make this any size you need. (Without a pattern):

Morning Star Quilt from the Celebrate Creativity blog. Gorgeous This is perfect for a fall quilt for our room! Love, love, love..!

Rail fence with Kansas Troubles fabric

Bungalow Bay Quilts. Good use for all those B  fabrics I had to have.

I absolutely love this... Fall is my FAVORITE time of year. ..autumn rag. it is made using the "rag" quilting technique:

Love Art Quilts-- ~OMG.  This is amazing and gorgeous.  I would LOVE to have this hanging in my home   ~m

pattern can be found

Maple leaf quilt example #1.  LOVE this pattern (different than the traditional block).

This is a GREAT tutorial....most of the chevron quilts I have pinned are dead links or have no instructions!  This one looks super!!!

And finally, a shameless plug: find these and other quilts on

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