Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Pin It Weekly #129

Ernest Hemmingway

I read an article recently in Smithsonian Magazine about the life of Ernest Hemingway.  The Smithsonian article is mostly about his love for Hadley Richardson and his marriages as told by one of his friends.  

Advice for Writers from Earnest Hemingway

I thought I'd look up a few of his novels and share a bit of his work with you.  Since he is known for his war writings, I've not considered his work something I'd especially enjoy.  I may have to rethink that.  He won The Nobel Prize in Literature 1954  and the Pulitzer Prize in 1953 for The Old Man and the Sea and for his journalistic and contemporary writing.

The Old Man and the Sea: Finished

this will go down in history as the first hemingway book i've ever enjoyed. lady brett ashley would be no friend of mine.

A Farewell To Arms by Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway and his first wife, Hadley, on their wedding day in 1921

Hemingway was married four times but, apparently, his love for Hadley lasted until his death. He and Hadley had a son and he had two additional sons with his second wife, Pauline Pfeiffer.  He was an adventurer and world-traveler, living in several countries during his lifetime.  As he grew older, Hemingway suffered mental and physical disabilities, committing suicide in 1961.

50) Men Without Women, Ernest Hemingway, 1927

"There is only now and if now is only two days, then two days is your life and everything in it will be in proportion."

True At First Light : A Fictional Memoir,

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