Thursday, November 12, 2015

Pin It Weekly #127

Yesterday I told you about David Chauvin's photography and art. Well, I wrote mostly about his photography, but he is also an artist!  I thought I'd show you more of his work.  I'm really impressed, enamored, actually--can you tell?

Louisiana swampscape ~ photography by David Chauvin

This young raccoon must have thought it was invisible as long as it did not move.   Photograph - Hanging Out and description by David Chauvin on 500px

"Swampscapes" photograph by David Chauvin

Reflecting Grace by David Chauvin, via 500px ~ The untidy grace of an ancient bald cypress reflected in the pre-dawn light. Louisiana

Graceful Strength, Lake Fausse Point by David Chauvin

great, egret, display, mating, plumage, cypress, Louisiana photo

Three Egrets by David Chauvin on

I'm telling you, he's an artiste!  Check out his paintings...
David Chauvin   WATERCOLOR

David Chauvin   WATERCOLOR

David Chauvin -

David Chauvin

Galerie - Site de davidchauvin !

Galerie - Site de davidchauvin !

And finally, a video demonstrating his painting a watercolor.  No words...just two minutes of painting.

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