Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Z O O

We've just returned from an afternoon at the Alexandria Zoo with one of the younger grands, Marley.  A couple of hours well spent enjoying the beautiful weather, well-behaved animals, and a lovely walk.  The zoo in our area is privately owned or, at least, run by the City of Alexandria.  It may not be huge in acreage, but it's big on animal varieties and habitats. This zoo has over 500 animals of which there are 160 species.  

All of the photos that I've shown thus far are from the many that I took today while we visited.  They do not appear anywhere else on the web because I simply have not had time to post them.  So if you see photos that look vaguely like these, I apologize, but rest assured that they aren't mine.  

African Safari Animals Quilt

The quilts, now, are on my "heart, quilts" board or I found them on Pinterest while looking for zoo quilts.  I hope you enjoy them and are inspired to make a zoo quilt of your own.

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JillFischer1 by Luana Rubin, via Flickr  love it, love it, love it!

Zoo It Yourself Block of the Month

Stacks Image 1513  this is amazing. xxx

Original pattern, ZeBra quilt using tsukineko fabric inks By Sherrie Cahill 2013

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The Zoo quilt ("Wend's The Zoo pattern" at Material Obsession)
Great to give as a gift for your grand daughter or grand son.  Just sew the fabric around the panels and you have a wonderful gift to give and one that they will cherish.
Mom and Me: Baby Steps Pattern- Cute zoo animal quilt.

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