Monday, November 23, 2015

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: T I M E

Yes, Time!  Because my time is so far off it's shocking that I haven't missed any appointments.  (It helps that I don't have many.)

Watch is also a noun which reminds me of time and old.:

My adventures in Wonderland began when I followed the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole.
Image result for time:

PRINT:  Clock Face "Time" Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Dictionary Page:

Swedish Mora Clock- white ... so pretty: antique hourglass ,.. Thinking of having pictures put in a hour glass for our unity sand set !! Pretty Awesome idea for our wedding!! .. now to find where i can this done at !! ??!:

Dishfunctional Designs: Collecting & Displaying Collections Of Clocks: Art Deco Manning Bowman wall clock:

Lot 14C: 18th/19th c. New England Hourglass~♥~:

And, oddly, a few clock quilts.  Mostly these are clocks with quilted background because, really, who can sleep with clock in the bed?  Isn't it enough to have the thing ticking away on the nightstand?
Free Quilt Pattern and Tutorial - Tick Tock Quilt:

Image Hosting by clock... Free pattern and tutorial.:

Dresden clock:

north winds quilting: The Clock Quilt

Many DIY-Button-Clocks from Mason Bee:

Art Quilt - Clock Quilt with Traditional and Modern Fabrics by SeamsTooGood on Etsy:

Necktie Sunburst Clock also checkout for more inspirations

I have to admit, though, that the idea of quilting fabric and then turning that into a clock is intriguing and artful.  I'd gladly hang any of them in the studio or the house.  What about you?  Can you envision a quilted clock in your studio space?

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Erika said...

I have a button clock like the one you pinned on my Get to it Someday list.