Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Pin It Weekly #131

february: While my sisters and I were together last weekend, we talked about replacing the flowers on our parents' grave.  That got me thinking about what we might do.  

It turns out that my oldest sister has a Christmas arrangement, so we're good for now, but I'm still thinking and decided to look for more ideas on Pinterest.  I've added a few ideas to my very pretty board that is just for this purpose.

Fairytale wedding: floral arrangement:

floral arrangement:

Tulips under glass:

NearlyNatural Artichoke and Hydrangea Silk Flower Arrangement | Wayfair:
Lavender and lilac and purple silk flower arrangement:

Peony & Orchid Silk Flower Arrangement Red:
Silk Artichoke Centerpiece Flower with Pot:

Silk Flower Arrangement:

Floral Arrangement from #MichaelsWhereCreativityHappens:

The next arrangement is one that I made for my parents' grave. Daddy put the vase at the foot of the crypt before his death and my sister and I keep it filled with silk flowers.  We replace the flowers every couple of months so I get many opportunities to arrange flowers, which is why I started my "flower, arrangement" board.  

These last two are also a couple of my arrangements.  The red, white, and blue one is for our church.  I wanted to display an arrangement especially for July 4th and other days like it.  The one below was for mom and dad's grave during the summer.  How about those orange poppies!

For more of my arrangements and many others, visit my "flower, arrangement" board on Pinterest.  

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Kaja said...

What I love about this selection is that there are some really unusual combinations of colours. I particularly like some of the more muted arrangements.