Monday, December 28, 2015

Building Blocks ~~ Finished!

I've been working on two particular quilts, one for each of the granddaughters who live away.  They recently moved into separate, twin-sized beds in the same room and need quilts.  My idea was to make one quilt at a time, but quilts have their own agendas.  So I ended up making lots and lots of large, overwhelming blocks that simply could not all go into the same quilt.  

I divided up the blocks and made one quilt while the other waited its turn.  As soon as the first quilt was finished, I put it on the long-arm and got started with what I thought would be a great design, but quilts have their own agendas and again, I lost.  Instead of lots of squares that would imitate the colored blocks, I quilted some squares then added a feather design that took a life of its own. Oh well! 

When the quilt came off the long-arm, I immediately began the second top and it is now on the long-arm getting the same treatment as the first.  

But that first quilt just would not wait.  Today I cut all of the left-over focus fabric and made lots (and lots) of binding.  

I was going to cut the binding in half and add as necessary but quilts have their own agendas, and I ended up using well over half of the binding on the first quilt.  

Leaning up against the new iron, which
had the pleasure of pressing all of it.

This poor second quilt will simply have to make do, but it's been doing that all along.  (Sort of like sisters who share a room.)  We'll see what the second Building Blocks quilt will do in a few days as I hope to complete it fairly quickly.

 Of course, quilts have a way of getting done the way they want to get done, and this one has been very patient.  It didn't mind at all that I took photos of the older quilt from the long-arm.  Look there how nicely they are playing together.  

Too bad there's not enough binding for both quilts.  I really like the way this one turned out.  Plus, it's already cut and pressed and waiting for the quilt.  

 I've decided to figure out who gets which quilt when both are finished.  At that time I'll rename the quilts Building Blocks for Catherine or Building Blocks for Sophie.  I'll also add the labels to both quilts.  Hopefully they will still be playing together!

My favorite part--the feathers turning a corner!

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Tami Von Zalez said...

It is interesting how our creations take on a life of their own.

Popped by from Crazy Mom Quilts linkup.

Karen S said...

Gosh, you have been busy. Have fun deciding who gets each one.

Kaja said...

I love it when the quilt tells you what to do! Your granddaughters are going to have a lovely, bright, cheerful room once you are done. Thanks for joining up with AHIQ.

Ann said...

What delightful quilts for your granddaughters. They are so playful and happy. Thanks for linking up with AHIQ. It's so fun to see the many different ways people can improv.

June D said...

Interesting to read how you are interacting with the pieces! Beautiful stitching.