Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Red and Green

Saturday, December 5 - 
89th Annual Christmas Festival, Louisiana’s premiere holiday event.
Ranked 3rd "Best Holiday Light Show" behind the Rockefeller Center and Disney World in the nation by Celebrate the Christmas Season in Louisiana'a oldest city! Enjoy our daylong festival filled with live musical entertainment, arts, crafts and food vendors, a parade and a magnificent fireworks show choreographed to holiday music over the riverbank of Cane River Lake.

We had a wonderful time in Natchitoches this weekend.  The first weekend of December several members of my family gather at my sister's home to watch the parade, see the lights, and enjoy the fireworks.  

We're great people-watchers, too, so there's always that.  It seems that millions of people are around--walking to downtown, walking to or from the parade, walking to find a good place to see the fireworks, just walking.  We did a little walking of our own.  

Although, there's little reason to move from the sofas. In fact, watched the fireworks sitting on a sofa! 

Well, the parade was outside, but I could have watched it from my bed.  Yes, she is sitting pretty right on the parade route.  And within walking distance from downtown.  And sitting on the river bank.  

Those are all good things...unless you need milk or want to go home anytime before Sunday.  We arrive Friday, park the car, and walk till Sunday (said tongue-in-cheek, of course).  

These crazies are my people.  Some are trying to get people in the parade to toss something.  Anything!  Just throw something!  
Some of us are sitting in very comfy lawn chairs. (That was my thing.) Some are, well, who knows what some are doing--not watching the parade, not sitting, who knows? See Richard way over there on the left?  He's just hanging out. I don't even know why.  
I snapped this just to see what the crazies look like at any moment in time.  It's interesting, don't you think?

Strawberry Quilt, circa 1848, at Olde Hope Antiques.  Appliqued and stuffed-work quilt.

So here are a few quilts to inspire you.  A little red and green certainly can make a quilt festive and help to dress up a area for the holidays! 

Christmas Quilts for my nephews from the book, Make Room for Christmas Quilts by Nancy J. Martin:

Lola Griffin look at this quilt. Christmas Hexagon Hexie Quilt!:

Cotton Way patterns - Cozy Cabin Christmas.:

Hidden Stars quilt for Christmas by Anja's Quilts.  The pattern is from Jelly Roll Quilts by Pam and Nicky Lintott..

red & green quilt

SO cute! Especially for x-mas! Any Way You Slice It pattern by Denyse Schmidt

Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild - so perfect for a winter or holiday collection!

two and three color quilts | More pictures of Kim Diehl’s quilts … for inspiration. | Nonnie's ...

My next project! Uses Atkinson Quilt Pattern "Lucky Stars". Moda "Grace" fabric.

As usual, these and many more can be found on my Pinterest board, "heart, quilts" which now has almost 5,000 quilts pinned to it.  


jenclair said...

Only the quilt photos are showing up. I wonder if it is just me...

I love, love the quilts and would be hard-pressed to choose a favorite!

Karen S said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. What a great way to see family.
I am the same as Jenclair and can only see the quilt photos.
And they are lovely!

Kaja said...

Same for me - your pinterest photos all show, personal ones don't. Red and green quilts are great for this time of year.