Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: book paper ornaments

I'm not sure today's inspiration will get you making quilts but they may move you to make ornaments for your tree.  There are so many ideas on Pinterest alone that I doubt anyone could attempt them all, so I had to pick and choose.  
9 DIY Projects Made From Old Books | Art Of Upcycling - DIY Projects & Creative Crafts – How To Make Everything Homemade
I decided on these because I like them and they seem relatively easy.  I'm smart enough to know that at this late date a working girl will not be able to begin and finish an involved time-laden project. I may not be able to begin (much less finish) an easy one.
gift wrapping- instead of ripping a book, photo copy a page from a book. Use word/pages program with large font as template then glue onto cardboard to make sturdy.
one of my favorites...easy!
However, someone sent me a link that I almost could not escape from and thought, "Well, if nothing else, share it!"  So here we are enjoying (I hope) some beautiful ideas for quick, easy DIY ornaments to add to your already-complete tree.
75 Ways to Fill Clear Glass Ornaments {Homemade Christmas Ornaments} - Refunk My JunkRefunk My Junk:
I am of the idea that my tree can not have too many ornaments.  I lose a few from breakage and from, well, losing them.  The grands love to play with a few and I can't resist letting them enjoy the few things that are pretty in our little home.  That means that I need to replace a few each year, but while I have quite a few bought ornaments, my favorites have always been the handmade ones, regardless of whose hands did the making.

This would look great as a wall design. It would be cute hanging over a window too. I love the fact that the paper doves pictured are made out of music sheets and hanging from ribbons.:

Christmas baubles with book pages and glitter:

9 DIY Projects Made From Old Books | Art Of Upcycling - DIY Projects & Creative Crafts – How To Make Everything Homemade:

Great Christmas Idea:
okay maybe not so easy
Make ornaments from the pages of old books (hmm, what about an old hymnal?)  Stack four pages, and trace the shapes you want.  Sew down the center, then cut out all four pages at once.  Fold to flare out, and attach a loop at the top to hang.  (How about a little gold bead on the top of the tree?):

Any Christmas shape you want--stars, angels, bells, trees, birds, etc.--will work for this design.  Just cut out several of the same shape (cookie cutters are great stencils), glue or staple them together exactly in the center then fold and fan them so they look like this.  Add a hanger and you're ready to go!

Under The Table and Dreaming: Curled Paper Strip Ornaments featuring Mandy from Little Birdie Secrets {Handmade Ornament No.3}:

Okay, no quilts, but how about some DIY easy-sewing ornaments?
Christmas tree Fabric heart ornament decorations ToniKami Ðℯck Ʈհe HÅĿĿs #Christmas DIY crafts rustic

I like this DIY. This creation describe a great craft. If you love this type of idea please discover my blog for

we made these for a christmas market and they instantly sold out! they are so cute and very easy to make:

Classic DIY Ornaments -- no-sew, too.

oh, why didn't i think of this? i love these in paper, but have never made one because i did not think it would last long in storage...the only change i might make to these is to add interfacing for stiffness...maybe...

Freckled Whimsy: Christmas Tag / Ornament Tutorial:

Christmas ornament made from loved one's old clothing.:

Fabric Scrap Christmas Ornaments.  Great festive craft for kids or adults. *We are so doing this

Creative Ideas - DIY Fabric Angel Christmas Ornaments | Follow Us on Facebook -->

Make Your Own Fabric Ornaments

Recycle old sweaters!,I might just do all my ornaments in fabric that looks vintage for a country look

Many of these can be found on my "Merry, Christmas" board.  I found others by searching DIY fabric Christmas ornaments.


Karen S said...

Isn't Pinterest the most wonderful showcase for all the amazing talent in so many fields. Love it!

Kaja said...

I love home-made ornaments and try to make something new every year. There are some great ideas here!