Monday, December 28, 2015

Pin It Weekly #134

It's almost January--when we try to up our game on cleaning and organizing.  Already I've been thinking about some of the stuff that needs attention.  Namely scraps of fabric, bits of ribbon, bobs of thread, you name it!  If there's a bit, no matter how bitty, I tend to want to hang on to it.  So, I've been pinning ways to store those itsy bitsy, teeny tiny, bits and bobs.  Here are just a few.  

Scrap storage ~~ 
organize your ribbons

Ribbon storage!  #ribbon

Cartonnage - Où l'on révise ses… - Mes débuts en… - Récolte - Rose comme une boîte - Petit panier vintage - Mise en boîte - Tempus fugit

So going to do this with my "left over" yarn. Also poke a small hole in lid to feed the yarn up through! Prob paint the carton too.

How to store scraps...this is a great idea. I like that it is visible without pulling open doors or pulling out bins. Its just right there when you open the door to the know, in my pretend sewing room. :)

Scrap storage | Mermaid Sews - Gosh, my scraps don't look this good.

Project storage.....this lady has great ideas for breaking up your stash so you can use it! Many free patterns using her  technique!!!!!  I am getting started!:

Scrap storage bins I made using, what else, scraps!  To add to the fun factor, I quilted different motifs on the negative space for each bin.
This one is the storage system I use.
Read about it here.
Scrap usage ~~
Textile Treasure Seeker: 'Thread and Thrift' this would make a nice storage bag for small extras in the closet, ive done this with pretty used dresses

Flower Scrap Fabric Bag Using Heat N Bond: A Tutorial

adorable little stuffed monsters made from your keepsakes (baby blanket, first onesie, etc.) $30 on Etsy.... but it looks easy enough to try it at home too.  So fun!

Tips for using quilt fabric scraps. What a cute idea for using up scraps.

Cut letters from text fabric to spell ‘off you sew’, then glue and stitch into place using cream thread.

Rag Quilt Letters Tutorial by ohsohappytogether. Includes templates for the letters and numbers. Great way to use scraps!

Fabric Scrap Project - Craft these hand dyed tags to use up your fabric scraps.

Have some extra fabric laying around? Put it to good use with these crafty fabric ideas.

Little houses on pillow cases. A great way to use fabric scraps.                                     Gloucestershire Resource Centre

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