Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Pin It Weekly #132

Christmas is only a week away!

Nine days to be exact.
To help us all out, I curated a slew of quick, easy gifts for giving.

Easy No-Sew Rice Heating Pad -- making this homemade microwavable rice heating pad took less than 5 minutes start to finish. Perfect for soothing sore muscles or warming up from the cold, especially when you add a few drops of essential oil!:
New socks are the secret.

DIY Christmas Ornaments:
Any color will work.  Family initials are all the rage...just sayin. 

These DIY photo block letters are a surefire conversation starter at your holiday party.:
Get the letters on clearance, add your own craft paint and photos.

Stamped Clay Ornaments w/ Homemade Clay Recipe:
You mix and make these.  
The design can be anything that strikes your fancy.

4 DIY Instagram Photo Transfer Ideas: Decorative Pillow:
If you have pictures on your computer already, 
this pillow will be extra fast and easy.

25 Handmade Gifts under 5 Dollars at These are super affordable and gorgeous gift ideas with links to tutorials.
Told you...go with family initials.  You'll win every time!

25 DIY Gifts for around $10-$15, some are time intensive but they are all cute!:
Start with a clean jar.  Add ingredients.  Done!

It's funny how much money we spend on stuff we can make ourselves. Here are 31 incredibly easy and clever DIY projects. They are awesome!:
Marker. Pen. Cups. 

How to Make a Simple Sew Towel Wrap.  These are BEAUTIES and supposedly, they're easy to make for a beginning sewer.  Yay!
One towel, elastic and 2 1/2" strips are all it takes to 
zip together a bath wrap.

3 simple steps to create this Beaded Holiday Necklace! for The 36th Avenue:
Use the beads you DO have!

DIY Home Decor - Terracotta Pots at Pin it now and make them later!:
Pick up a sheet or two of gold or silver leaf and use the idea on any item that your recipient would love to get (cups, photo frames, etc.)

I have the stuff to make this for you Missy... Maybe I can get it done this week and come visit you this weekend.
Buy the cheaper, pressed wood clipboard...paint will adhere better. Go for a less perfect (more fun) font and decorate!

Homemade map coasters. Perfect gift for the history/social studies teacher. Pages from a book or different paperback book covers for English teacher, elements chart and molecules for the science get the idea!:
Coasters, tiles, fabric covered felt....they'll all work.  
Use any paper or fabric you please.

fabric wall pocket organizer:
No sewing!  Use fusible web, press and glue to the inside ring.
Then add the outside ring.  Yes, very easy.

homemade magnets - because I got these for Christmas and they were one of my favorite gifts. :):
Make magnets by the dozen.

For Christmas this year I haven't made any handmade gifts yet...but, in case you're looking to make a cute, little, last minute gift, I present the Pretty Little Key Fob, a perfect, last minute sto...:
Easy, straight line sewing, add the metal fixin's and you're done.

That paper left over from the coasters?  Use it here!

Pillowcase - sewing using the 'hotdog' method. I had no idea what the "hotdog" method was, but it'w really a great way to make the pillowcase without leaving raw seams. Might need this someday...
Christmas fabric or not...your choice.

Bandana-skirt-5 ..this would be cute for you to make Ava @kimberlysheerin:
How cute can a gift get?  This cute.  
(Don't forget that tulle will work, too.)

Easy Book Bag Tutorial.  Going to make this for my Piano Books.
Nothing difficult happening here. 
Make one for every teen. 

Christmas. Easy gifts. Nine days.

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Kaja said...

Ha, just for once I'm ready before the last minute but some good ideas here for next time. :-)