Monday, June 20, 2016

Homeward Bound!

We've been in Manchester, IA, for several days, but today we begin the long drive home.  This year Richard is the one who's homesick for the kiddos. I'd probably be the one if I didn't know that we'll be home in a few days.

To that end I began packing up the camper and preparing for the rough drive. I sort of took stock of the sewing situation. I managed to sew three baby quilt tops. The two pink ones and this one that I quickly designed and cut out just before we left.

I am having second thoughts about the design. For one, my math needs work (I know, big surprise) but I will not take this one apart. It's done and will find its way to a baby or toddler.

I folded everything and reorganized so it will be easy to put stuff away at home. The completed tops are in this sweet tote that Erica sent several weeks ago (read about it here). It is the perfect size.

It is also holding this small packet of goodies that I picked up at Pins and Needles Quilt Shop. More on this later. I'm excited to get home and see the family.  Three weeks seems like a long time!


Karen S said...

Have a safe trip home. Glad you managed some sewing time, too.

Pam @ Quilting Fun said...

Love the colours in your quilt top, very sunny and summer. That apron pattern is the cutest!

Erika said...

I'm glad the tote made the trip with you and was useful! My mother made those.