Thursday, June 16, 2016

Minnesota and More Pink

We've made it to Minnesota. In fact we've been in the state for most of the day, following the Great River Road down the western side of the St. Croix and, now, the Mississippi River.

We spent a wet night on the Bad River last night, so you'd think we'd be done with the river experience. We've not even blinked, though, and are continuing with our plans.

We've had to concede one minor change: Minnesota and Wisconsin are working on both river roads, at the same time. That means we've been forced to take alternate routes. At one point we were in the wrong state!

We were fine, really and Google maps insisted that it was the fastest route. We just want to see Minnesota, thank you!

Tonight we're sleeping in Frontenac State Park in Minnesota on a hugh bluff overlooking the Mississippi. These pictures are some I took along the road today--some at 50 mph and through a pretty icky windshield. So it's not the photographer,  trust me, it's the beauty of our country, which is unbelievably awesome.

And so, the pink that I promised. I finished this little top this week--the days are running together--and pinned it in the tree limbs for a quick photo session. If you see a bumper, that could be our camper.


cow nosies said...

Love your little pink bricks and your travel posts. You should write a travelogue. I want to go to every place you describe!

Karen S said...

Stunning countryside. It all looks lush and green. And lovely to see your quilting happening along the way.

Kaja said...

I'm with cow nosies - a travelogue would be great, though I guess lack of internet connection much of the time probably scuppers that one. Your photos are awesome: everything is so green (I like 'verdant'). All this and still you are quilting too - the pink looks so pretty in its outdoor setting.

jenclair said...

The pinks are wonderful!