Wednesday, June 1, 2016

How a Quilter Travels

I am almost ready to go camping. Or maybe vacationing. Or maybe just have a staycation in the camper!  lol  It doesn't matter to me where the camper spends the night. If I'm in it, I can get some quilting done.

First, I made several quilt kits.  I thought I needed to hurry, so I put these together quickly, but they'll make some nice quilts. Because I don't know when I'll get to any of the kits, I wrote some notes to remember my original plan.  I'm likely going to forget what my intentions were and mix things up. Now, that's okay, but the problem would be that I wouldn't end up with the quilts I need.  In some cases I even included a cone (or two) of thread. 

Here are the four quilt kits: two pink baby quilts (at the top) one in a tumbler design, which I cut on my Accuquilt Studio cutter; the second one is a simple rectangle block. I cut 5" squares (finished) and then cut those in half. My plan is to mix up the squares for a fun, easy baby quilt. The tumbler will be a bit different because I cut half of the squares in a solid light pink that I bought after Mother's Day. I plan to alternate the solids and prints. 

The peach quilt on the lower left uses a new design that I created last week. I want to write a pattern for it and need to sew up a second quilt to make sure I don't miss any steps. I think it uses scraps and a Kona off-white.

The last one is a Drunkard's Path quilt using Kona cream (maybe?) and scraps. Some of the fabrics will appear in all four quilts, but once they were out and pressed, I hated putting them away and starting over again. Besides, the pinks worked. I may be sorry later and get sick of those pinks!

I couldn't take the idea of leaving behind the Quilty 365 blocks. You never know when the iron is hot! I may have a minute and an idea. 

And if I'm going to bring the circles, I need to bring the plaids. 

And always, some solids. So now that all of this is in the camper, I just have two things left...the Bernina and the container of tools (scissors, pincushion of pins, needles, thread, snips, bobbins, etc.) I've been using those, so they will stay in the studio until I know the camper is pulling out. Luckily I have the best husband, who will stop at a quilt shop for a thimble. So I don't fret about forgetting anything, but it is easier to have the things than to find a shop. 

Happy Quilting,


Karen S said...

I like your idea of writing a note about what your original plan or idea was. I will put fabric groups together then come back to them later and have no idea what I was planning!

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

I know, Karen. I made that mistake last summer. The quilt turned out okay, but I had put it together to try out a technique and that didn't happen.

Kaja said...

I am trying to write more down generally - otherwise so much comes into my head then flies straight out again. Your little packs look so sweet -now I want the prospect of a holiday so I can make some too.