Sunday, June 19, 2016

Pictured Rocks from a Tour Boat!

Imagine that! The cheap frugal Louisianans purchased tickets for a tour boat to see Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in northern Michigan.  It was great fun and perhaps the only way we'd actually see any of it. 

There's a (free) hiking trail that follows the cliffs, but after all the walking we did at Sleeping Bear Dunes and on Mackinac Island, we wouldn't have gotten very far. Besides, this is not a good time to find oneself in poison ivy and all that. I'd rather encounter a moose or bear. I would be a bear driving 1000 miles back home with a bad case of poison anything. 

So we put out the big bills and got tickets. I think we got our money's worth...I took over 300 pictures. The morning glare was pretty bad, so mostly I just pointed in the general direction of the rocks and pressed the button. 

Somehow I managed to remain standing and didn't get seasick. Although I did get a little queasy while we were at dock, once the boat was really moving (as opposed to the sense of movement that occurs in my head) I was fine. 

I can't repeat one thing the tour guide told us. I was busy trying to see, take pictures and keep my balance.  So while the pictures are far from the best, I hope they give you a sense of the beauty and majesty of the shoreline here. If you have an opportunity, drop some dollars on the tour boat and enjoy the ride!


Pam @ Quilting Fun said...

It looks like a fabulous boat trip. Beautiful pictures. Glad you weren't sick!

Karen S said...

Sometimes you just have to pay out for the good stuff!
It looks like a spectacular area.