Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Pink Tumbler for Baby

Several coworkers are expecting babies in the coming months and I would like to give them each a baby quilt. It's too soon to know the gender but I realized that I have lots of pink, so I'll make some pink quilts and then, if necessary, some in other colors.

I really like the mix of prints and solids. I'm not sure that it's exactly what I had in mind when I put the kit together, but I love the results.

And because it will have to wait for quilting, I put it back into its little recycled plastic bag for now. 

What's happening in your studio?


Karen S said...

Tumblers are very effective in a quilt and the colours in this one are a delight, too.

Jenny said...

That's very pretty! Is tere a trick to sewing the tumbler pieces together nicely?

Kaja said...

Pretty and fresh: perfect for a girl baby.

Judy said...

Love the pink and lime, cute!