Monday, November 14, 2016

An LSU Weekend

I may have mentioned that my guys are LSU fans. Not that anyone in our family has attended LSU, but because, well, everyone in Louisiana is an LSU fan. 

Regardless, we have many friends, students and colleagues who are LSU alumni. And who doesn't love Coach O? That's the thing about Louisianans--we welcome everybody and love 'em with all we've got. A die-hard fan told me once, "We love every LSU coach even when we don't." Oddly, that makes perfect sense.

Saturday was one of those important LSU games (aren't they all?) and for some reason I pulled some purple and gold from the stash. Oh, wait, I know why I pulled those colors: Kelly at My Quilt Infatuation inspired me with her LSU quilt for her son. I read about it on Friday and loved her quilt. The next thing I knew, I had my own LSU quilt in my head.

And you know how that goes, right? Saturday morning I had to figure out that pattern in my head. I wanted it hang in this particular space so I oriented it sideways, but it can hang either way. (A grand took this pick. Wasn't she smart to open the pantry door just a bit to hide the mess behind? My girls know.)

Before the game started on Saturday evening, I had this sweet little banner hanging in the family room. It's been the center of attention since. A little like LSU, don't you think?

I had those colors pulled, right? And a few scraps. And a bit of time. And a thing for pincushions. 

"Make the thing, already!" the fabrics said. And, of course, I listened. It may be my favorite pincushion so far. I added a few additional shades of purple, and I really like the modern vibe and the easy quilting. 

I quilted both projects on the Bernina. The wall-hanging has edge to edge curvy lines that criss-cross over each other, but the pincushion has overlapping straight lines quilted on the diagonal. 

Rather than make the lines evenly spaced, I moved the needle all the way over to one side and used the presser foot as the guide, so there are two close lines separated by a larger space. 

My favorite part of the pincushion is this one little corner of gold. Don't you just love a happy accident?

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Paige said...

What a fun modern quilt for a sports fan! Love your quilting too!

Karen S said...

It is surprising how we can get things done so quickly. Love seeing your projects.

Kaja said...

I love your pincushion!

Preeti Harris said...

Love the chic design, complemented by the modern quilting!!!