Thursday, November 3, 2016

Houston, here I come!

I was reading a blog last week and ran across the words, "...Houston just a week away..." Wait! What! My brain was hyperfocused as I tried to remember what day it was. I could not remember anything but those words, "Just a week away."

I seriously considered a panic attack but how could that help? A week away means I had to get my s*^+ self together. A teacher doesn't just call in sick or whatever it is that people with regular jobs do. No, a teacher has to plan her day off. So I decided to plan instead. No one in her right mind will leave 30 or so kids (of any age) in a room with nothing to do.

So, you know, teachers get stuff ready that keeps kids busy. They make sure someone is going to actually be in the classroom. They make sure everything is put away/ locked up/ hidden. A teacher has to make copies, write plans, assign responsible students to do all the little things that she normally oversees. 

Most importantly, a teacher has to warn the kids. My students are good kids. Actually they are wonderful kids. Until they have a substitute. A sub is carte blanc for misbehavior: making messes, wasting office supplies, finding nooks and crannies to store the junk food packaging that they just emptied. And the list goes on.

2015 IQS Houston
2015 IQS in Houston

Oh wait, Houston! Houston is here! I'm ready! We were to leave today, but I have to attend a "crucial meeting." That translates to stay and make sure you attend. So now it's Friday. Friday. Tomorrow! Yay! I sure hope I see you there. I know you'll be tired from the walking, but I also know you'll be loving every second. I'll be right alongside you for TWO days! Yippee! 

2015 IQS in Houston
2015 IQS in Houston

 And if you're not going, I'm so, so sorry. I'll take lots of pictures. I promise. As long as the phone stays charged, I'll be snapping. So come back for Sunday Quilt Inspiration. I'll have the first set up. It will all be for you!


jenclair said...

Oooh, I envy your trip to Houston and seeing all the beautiful quilts (and probably buying fabric, thread, and quilty stuff), but not the prep for the sub. I always found being absent more work that showing up and appreciate all that goes into preparing for a sub!

Have fun!

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

Oh, you're right, Jenclair--having a sub is definitely more work than being there. BUT, for Houston, it's well worth it. I didn't shop at all, but wow! the quilts! We need to get a "bus of bloggers" one year so we can all meet each other. That would be such fun, and we'd get to see amazing quilts--how perfect would that day be?!