Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Pin It Weekly #177

The second Pin It Weekly this week--to make up for not having one last week. Again, my apologies. But there is a silver lining: I found a few really good boards that you're going to enjoy!

From Quilts by Kandy's "Crafts" board

Hyacinth Quilt Designs: Envelope Quilt!:

PINK and SAGE Baby Shower Cookies Baby Carriage by lorisplace, $35.99:

Free Range Quilting - Custom Long Arm Quilting - Long Arm Quilting Sampler

Chanel crème and Rose java:

Heather Moor Ceramic Lotus Ring Holder Bowl by dgordon on Etsy, $14.00:


MICHAEL Michael Kors  Medium Jet Set Travel Striped Multifunction Tote:

Monowheel, 1933. Walter Nilsson inside the wheel.:

DIY Backyard Scrabble: The 5 foot square board doubles as a poured concrete patio floor. The letter tiles were made from adhesive backed vinyl letters stuck onto squares of baseboard trim and then sealed with spray lacquer! #DIY #Backyard_Projects #Scrabble:

And lastly from a few of Sherry MacDonald's 193 boards

Cheeky Cognoscenti: I'm Sew Inspired to Knock Off Mackenzie-Childs Jester Stockings and Christmas Tree Skirt!:


Cute Basket Trays - with Buttons on the corners - NOT in English, but lots of photos.:

Piece N Quilt: Christmas Row Quilt xox:

Check out 15 Sewing Room DIY Organization | Giant Peg Board by DIY Ready at

My bookcase quilt- right down to the dead plant.:

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jenclair said...

Love that envelope quilt! :) No surprise there.