Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Back to BR MQG

I took several more pictures yesterday while we were in Baton Rouge yesterday, so I thought I'd share the last of the quilts. Later in the week I'll try to post some of the other pictures. Like most shows this one had a few minis. 

Also, there was a challenge using a particular fabric. The quilt challenge quilts were hung o n one long wall, so it was easy to pick out the challenge fabric and, even better, to look at all of the quilts together. Some of them are really innovative and interesting. All of them are gorgeous. Oh, and I love the fabrics!

Did you pick out the challenge fabric? If so, I'm fairly sure that it didn't take long. Don't you love it? Too bad I've put myself on a fabric purchasing hiatus. I'd love to add this to the stash!

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Kaja said...

Seeing all the different ways people found to incorporate the one fabric is so interesting -so many different approaches.