Tuesday, November 8, 2016

IQA Houston {part 2} Tactile Architecture +

I finally uploaded all of the pictures from the Houston show onto the laptop. I cannot believe that I took 380 pictures! I must not have looked at the quilts.  Of course, some of those are duplicates because my phone is sensitive to touch (and I'm clumsy) but for the most part, I have at least 350 pictures--each one a different quilt. 

There's no way I can show them all. My plan, instead, is to post about ten pictures per post sort of based around a theme. Since I didn't take many pictures of the signs, I'll try to remember what I was doing. I did get the show book, so maybe that will help.

Although these quilts might have fit into the Tactile Architecture exhibit, they were scattered throughout the hall in different exhibits. And that explains the + in the title.

The following quilts are from the Tactile Architecture exhibit, which is one of my favorite competitions.  

For more on the Houston Quilt Show google the official hashtag  #houstonquiltshow to find pictures, tweets, and videos. 


Karen @runsewfun said...

These are fascinating. I think the bottom two are my favorites - they remind me of Italy. Thanks for sharing.

Jasmine said...

These are so interesting. Thanks for sharing.

jenclair said...

Although my favorites are comfort quilts, these quilters are artists!