Thursday, November 17, 2016

Cotton's Studio Bed

I am on a roll! I've been going into the studio to do a bit of cleaning. By a bit, I mean a little bit 
(I don't like cleaning), then I do a bit of sewing. 

I moved some fabrics to their respective places, cleared out and put away a plastic bag of stuff, and salvaged some old lace. 

Then I happened upon an old pillow of Cotton's that I'd made several years ago. It was badly torn, but I had washed it by pining the opening closed, so the stuffing was clean. 

Did you know that pillow stuffing can be reused? The trick is to wash it in hot water with a little bleach and let it dry well. Then pull the stuffing out and, using very sharp scissors, chop the stuffing into small pieces. 

The fibers tend to clump up and adhere to each other over time, but cutting the pieces apart allows air to fluff it up. It's a good way to save money making pet pillows.  

I dug around in the stash and found some cute animal fabric that I'd used to make scrubs. Apparently I'd cut sleeves out and there was a problem, because the only fabric in the stash had been cut in the perfect shape of sleeves. 

The sleeves seemed like a good match for my needs--I left the shape as it was. I sewed the two sleeves together (RST) around all four sides making sure to leave an opening on the wrist edge so I could turn the pillow and stuff it. 

Cotton likes to rest his sweet little head on something separate from the bed, so I decided to make a pillow on his pillow. First I stuffed the bottom (or large part) of the pillow, and sewed a seam about three inches from the wrist opening. 

Next I stuffed the small section and sewed it closed on the machine. I rolled the small section over on the pillow and hand-stitched the two pieces together. Voila! Perfect little bed for my little boy.

This pillow will be somewhere near the sewing machine so that Cotton can be nearby while I sew. He prefers to be very close to me at all times. As a baby, he sat in my lap while I sewed. How much sewing do you think I got done that way? 

What are you doing this week to get your sewing space in shape?


Kaja said...

What am I doing this week to get your sewing space in shape? I am cultivating the ancient art of ignoring the mess.

Karen S said...

Thanks for the hint on now to clean and reuse the filling. Great pillow, too.