Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: I Q A Show

Don't you know that I'd promise to put some of my pictures from Houston on Sunday Quilt Inspiration and then I'd do something completely different? Well, of course I would! Really?! Yes, really.

So rather than just toss out the first post, I'm leaving it and adding another. What's two post in one night, right? It's doable. Or at least it will be done. I like to keep promises. Even if I can't remember that I made the promise. I'm such a goof!

At least it's easy...and here they are. The first quilts that I saw at the show.  This entire section is called "Cowboys, Horses, Quilting and Leather!" All of the quilts were made by Cathy Wiggins using real leather that is quilted.

This is one of the curatorial information sheets that IQA includes with each piece. I did not have time to take pictures of each sheet. In fact I took very few pictures of any of the information sheets. I wanted a few seconds to enjoy the majority of the quilts. For some of the quilts I took several minutes to enjoy and analyze them. These particular quilts are gorgeous to look at. I wanted so badly to touch them, feel the texture, and look for stitching. (No, I behaved.)

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Kaja said...

I would want touch too (well done for restraining yourself). I've never even heard of someone quilting on leather before, and that sheet says there's hand quilting as well as machine. That seems mad and wonderful all at once.