Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Pin It Weekly #205

Pin It WeEkly #205! Fleur de Lis Quilts celebrates its fourth AnnIversary of 
Pin It Weekly in only 2 weeks! 
we're shooting for 
25 pins a week...

Storm at Sea quilt, center, colorwash / watercolor effect, 2014 Tokyo International Quilt Festival. This quilt is amazing. Photo by Studio Tullia:

Since I have almost 7,000 quilts in the board "heart, quilts," I suppose that most of what I've been pinning have been quilts. These are the lastest of those many, many recent pins.

Whipper Snapper block quilt using skipping stones.  Anna Maria Horner:

Rob's Quilt by Kathy Martin -- Kathy made this quilt for her son Rob, using the New York Beauty pattern of points arrayed in circular arcs. Description from I searched for this on

storm at sea quilt - Google Search: jeu de cubes:

Way down deep, it's still a log cabin but what a log cabin!:

quilt from gees bend:
Wonderfully wonky quilt with strips of various widths and heights running vertically and horizonally - Gee's Bend influence: Totem quilt by Carolyn Friedlander:

Blanket, Cyanotype  Make cyontype quilt for bed or fabric wall hanging to go with denim theme.:

Modern Quilt Designs | quilting look at this art quilt by anne r parker made with solids don ...: Modern quilt. Incredible colours.:

Small Flower (c) Vanessa Brisson 2005  19.5"x15":

Beautiful use of color and pattern in a quilt by Michael E. Michalski, Brooklyn, New York exhibited at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum as posted by Tim Latimer: Elsie Campbell, Artist, Dad's Plaids quilt - This is a pattern in her String Quilts book (2009).:

Stained glass rose window quilt.  Maker unknown.  2013 Ladies of the Lake quilt show, posted at Missouri Quilt Co Forum:

4a64fdb23a6ba2c01bb8852b19c3229c.jpg 439×586 pixels: Square dresden plates  LOVE THIS  IDEA! ♥:

Quilting Blog - Cactus Needle Quilts, Fabric and More: Daisy and Stairway To The Stars:

cherry blossoms quilt, Tokyo International Quilt Show:

Quilt Inspiration: Best of the 2014 Pacific International Quilt Festival : Day 6:

(7) Name: 'Quilting : Our Hearts Will Go On - Storm at Sea Var: #rainbow #quilt made with wonky log cabin blocks as well as other scrappy blocks:

And there you have them--this week's Pin It Weekly from my Pinterest board, "heart, quilts."

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Kaja said...

That's a huge number of pins! Mind you, you find such a range of different styles that I guess it happened without you noticing.