Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: S K E W E D

Pallet Art Natural Shell Skewed Heart Wall Hanging Rustic Shabby Chic Seaglass Sharksteeth Nautical Seashore by maliakalikina: Skewed--meaning off center, wonky, an unusual state, unbalanced. 

Modern quilters love skewed things. Off center objects, uneven designs, crooked lines. I tend to visit their camp and hang out there. So I figured it's time to deal with this idea. It's an interesting concept and one that makes quilting a bit easier. 

Well, except that you still have to apply all of the elements of design to your now-skewed quilt design.

Classic seaside stripes, slightly skewed and gussied up with a scarf collar. By Sparrow.:

Types of triangles, 6th grade math, math, 6th grade math anchor charts, triangles, acute, equilateral, right triangle, isosceles triangle, obtuse triangle, scalene triangle, congruent, angles, triangles anchor chart: There's this wall poster from a math classroom. 

Don't let the pretty designs fool's still math! But somehow I get that the triangles are skewed, except for the equalateral triangle.

The Skewed House / LIJO.RENY.architects:

Realise MMX Skewed Tripod for . Strong. Nice inlay for the stretchers.: Gary Petersen’s skewed geometric paintings call forth analogies to music and architecture, a realm of vertical intervals and diagonal supports spliced into a precarious balance.:

Maeve Skewed Knit Midi Dress ($138) ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring dresses, wine, ruched midi dress, knit midi dress, ruching dress, calf length dresses and rouched dress:

~ Erik Mattijssen:

So if I mention modern quilts, should I pin some modern quilts?


Stories We Tell de Natalie Sabik: grey with just a touch of color:

Eccentric Concentrics Quilt - The Quilters Applique Workshop. Stunning applique art quilt by Kevin Kosbab.:

Mary & Patch: Carrefour Européen du Patchwork, St-Marie, France, 2:

Round Peg Square Hole Study - Melanie Grant Design:

 : Love this quilt. Carol pulled solid fabrics that matched the binding find. xxx:

Art With a Needle: Q = A = Q 5 -- more pieced quilts:

I think I'll make one of these....purposely off.....exactly what I want for a 1st quilt!!!:

Landscape improv:

Want to see more skewed quilts like these? You can start here or here. Be warned: you will fall into a rabbit hole that is very difficult to climb out of.

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