Tuesday, May 30, 2017

what would happen if...

Image result for ifI ask myself that question maybe too often--it sometimes gets me in trouble. My husband, who always seems to have answers, wonders how at 57 my curiosity and mouth get me into problems I often cannot fix. I have an easy answer: if is a small question

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Who knows where it will lead? I guess that's where the real problem lies. He seems to know where questions will lead. I have to find out for myself. 

I start with such a small question and ask it again. And then again. Before I know what has transpired, I've questioned myself into a corner. And just as quickly I can't get out.  

Part of the reason that I can answer questions is that I keep asking. I like to know "Why?" "What if..." "How?" 

And the questions don't quit coming. No matter how much trouble they get me into. No matter the answers. Even when the answers are not what I want or hope or dream. 

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Image result for ifIf there's one thing that I hope I instilled in my students, it is that they ask questions, push themselves to know more, inquire about everything in their lives.

What do you hope the children of today learn on their way to adulthood?


Kaja said...

Great post, Mary. I think an enquiring mind is a great thing to instill in a child. I also hope they grow up to be kind and respectful of others - sometimes here it feels like that hasn't been happening for a while and I think society suffers for it.

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

I definitely agree, Kaja. I used to believe that basic courtesy was something parents should teach. However, more and more we've been forced to teach respect (here, at least) and unfortunately, things have gotten much worse. Definitely society suffers including the students who have to wait for a lesson while the teacher is dealing with discipline.

I was really thinking about how I am so curious and play the "if" gave all the time. I would have loved to have students who came to me knowing kindness and respect even if their English were limited. I am much better at teaching English. When students already know how to be respectful, everyone has a greater chance of learning because teachers can focus on the content but still model all the other stuff.